What’s the story behind Shamo manga?

Shamo is a Japanese action manga with a very dark theme. No more because the company called Manga Manga Action out of business. The story behind this is a boy who killed his parents and somehow changed himself to become a murderer martial artist. Lintari was then used in 2007 for a film produced in Hong Kong. The basic story behind Shamo Manga was after he killed his parents, he did all kinds of terrible crimes including murder and rape.

Themes throughout this story are how someone goes into a crime system, there is actually no reform given. Criminal is only a type of skate through existence without help with reform. It also shows how the people are immune to criminals need help and many people do it, they ignore โดจิน it. This story is actually based on true events that occurred in 1997. In 1997, many children’s serial killings occurred and the people who committed this crime was a fourteen-year-old boy. He said he did not only kill children but in many cases decapitated them.

Shamo manga has not been sold since 2007 and this is partly because the artist and creator are in various battles. The two creators fought in court on the issue of copying and they struggled for who created what and who came with the concept.

You can still find a lot of great information for Shamo Manga. Manga images are very popular if you want to learn how to draw in this creative way.